First Annual Beach City Brewery Homebrew Competition

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First Annual Beach City Brewery Homebrew Competition

Postby JonW on Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:36 pm

I received an e-mail today from Derek at BCB with info on a homebrew competition that they will be doing. This is the same premise that they presented to our club this last summer. They make the base wort and you finish it. This is an open event that has been sent out to the general public and all local homebrew shops. They don't say what volume each person gets for their entry fee, but I would assume that it is 5 gallons. (Edit: Derek says at least 5 gallons, more if you need it.)

- Jon

From Derek:

Beach City Brewery will be hosting its 1st annual home brew competition on Saturday November 1st. Winner will get to brew your recipe at Beach City a long side the brewers and have your beer distributed across Orange County.

Here’s how the competition works!
Beach City will provide base wort, undisclosed malts and gravity until day of competition, think Iron Chef…
Brewers will set up THEIR systems in the parking lot of Beach City between the hours of 8:30am-10am.
At 10:30 am SHARP, we will distribute the unboiled wort out to Brewers to begin their batches.
Any ingredient can be added to the given wort to create your own brew. NO LIMITS! Come prepared!
Beers will then be taken home to ferment and condition.
Bottled Entries of your homebrew will be due AT Beach City Brewery no later than December 1st for judging by Cicerones and Brewers at Beach City.
Top 3 beers will be awarded prizes, however, only one will get to brew the beer with us!

Entry Fee per $50.00 per entry, no limits to amount of entries as long as beer is brewed on site that day.

Please Email Derek@BeachCityBrewery.Com for more questions and registration.
Food Truck will be on site that day for lunch!
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Re: First Annual Beach City Brewery Homebrew Competition

Postby bwarbiany on Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:46 pm

Do they have any provisions to help with wort chilling?

I don't particularly want to bring my whole system, but if I could get by with just a turkey fryer and a kettle, I'd consider it.

(And of course I'd want enough wort for a 10-gallon batch!)
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