The Brewfooery #24 "The Fat Pussy(as in cat) Stout"

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The Brewfooery #24 "The Fat Pussy(as in cat) Stout"

Postby Brewfoo on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:35 am

Partial mashed in a 2 gallon tun for 1 hr @ 155 degrees F:
.5 lb carapils malt
2 lbs chocolate malt
.5 lb flaked oats
.5 lb honey malt
1 lb roasted barley malt

6.78 lbs of Golden Light DME
22 oz of Palm Sugar
1 lb of malto-dextrin @ 15 min
6 teaspoons of Yeastix nutrients @ 15 min

R/O water used w/7 grams of gypsum

1 oz Santiam hops @ 60 min
White Labs yeast, I believe it was for an Irish dry stout. ( I took really poor notes, sorry)

12 days in primary and racked to secondary with French Oak Chips.
Oaked for 3 weeks and kegged.

OG was just over 1.100 and finished high at 1.038. I figure it's ok considering all the unfermentables and the fact all I do is kegs now. The history of my past stouts is the fact they were all pretty tasty but lacked mouthfeel. This was my first partial mash by myself in which my friend, Daniel, taught me how to dunk sparge and use a cool little Rubbermaid 2 gallon tun.

The beer was forced carbed earlier this week and I do believe the carbonation will be just right for tonight's meeting. It's big, black, thick, woody, and well...a really good stout in my opinion. As for the name...No offense intended. I feed stray cats and animals in the front of my house and there was a huge black cat in which I named my last stout after (The Black Pussy Stout). I love animals and so consider it a Garfield reference.'s the new "water."
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