The Brewfooery #22 "Blueberry Braggot"

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The Brewfooery #22 "Blueberry Braggot"

Postby Brewfoo on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:16 am

6 lbs Pale LME
48 oz Palm sugar
R/O water w/2 teaspoons of gypsum
Steeped 2 lbs of Rye malt and 1 lb of crystal 15 for 60 mins.

1.6 oz Calypso Hops @ 60 min
1 oz of Calypso Hops @ 30 min

Yeast nutrients and whirlfloc at 15 min
Safale 04 rehydrated yeast.

Transferred to secondary after about 12 days. Added 5 lbs of Clover Honey (Sam's Club $11) and 3 oz of Galaxy Hops. I only warmed the bottle of honey and added it into the secondary carboy and racked on top of it. In the last similar recipe, I boiled some water and added the honey at flame out. The fermentation kicked in immediately where as it did not this time. I hit it again with more Safale 04 and it started to work on the honey again.

After about 1 month, I racked the beer again to a third carboy with about 3 -4 cups of fresh blueberries which were boiled in water to cover for 1-2 minutes. The yeast woke up again and went nuts on the blueberries and I had to slap a blow off tube on the carboy. I have video of the blueberries being pushed up the tube like a boba drink.

I waited for another 3-4 weeks until there was no signs of activity and kegged it.

It's by far, the most favored beverage I've made since I started homebrewing again. Eric has tried it and commented that he would not have dry hopped it. Galaxy Hops(imported from Australia) were new to me and I just had to try it but I may try making a traditional braggot next time.

I'll bring this to the meeting tonight and tell me what you think. It's a Frankenbrew, but one that turned out pretty good.'s the new "water."
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Re: The Brewfooery #22 "Blueberry Braggot"

Postby lexuschris on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:19 am

Really looking forward to trying this one.... love blueberries!

Please post that video too! :D
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