"fast lager" fermentation technique

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"fast lager" fermentation technique

Postby jward on Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:45 am

Are you using the "fast lager" fermentation technique?
It working as well as traditional fermentation schedules?
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Re: "fast lager" fermentation technique

Postby bwarbiany on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:28 am

This one?


I used something close to that on my most recent Ofest and Pilsner, and both came out great. Generally I'm of the opinion that most of the off flavors from fermentation occur early in fermentation, so if you're tightly controlling temp for the first few days, you can then slowly ramp up with no ill effects. So that's what I've been doing on lagers.

Pitch under 50 [target is around 45-47], let it roll with the temp controller set at 49 until fermentation has fully kicked off and gone about 2-3 days, then bump the temp controller to ~55 for a few days, maybe ~62 for a few days, and finally up to ~70 to make sure all the diacetyl is cleaned up. Then cold crash for a week or so, transfer to keg.

I figure since I'm kegging, it doesn't really matter whether I "lager" in the fermenter or the keg. The beer will still continue to brighten in the kegerator. And the flavor is fine early, so I don't feel like I'm losing anything there.

I haven't had any ill effects. And the Pilsner placed first in the Czech lager category at IEBC this past fall, so obviously the judges agreed.

I would note that most of Brulosophy's experiments with the fast lager method and warmer lager fermentation is with SafLager W-34/70. They've done warm fermentation with that yeast and had really good results. That's my go-to lager strain, so my results are in line with theirs. However, extrapolating their results to other yeast vendors or strains may not be valid.
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