Sam Adams New Albion

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Sam Adams New Albion

Postby Grande69 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:24 am

I've been reading about the one off Sam Adams is doing with Jack McAuliffe. New Albion almost always shows up in the first chapter of any book pertaining to craft beer. After reading about the brewery for so long, and about Jim Koch gearing up with Jack to re brew it, I had to get some. Has anyone else tried it? I will this weekend. I got the last sixer that Total Wine had.

We'll see...
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Re: Sam Adams New Albion

Postby maltbarley on Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:16 am

I haven't tried it, but I'm interested to hear about it.
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Re: Sam Adams New Albion

Postby Greywolf on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:31 am

I picked up a 6 pack last week and proceeded to forget that I bought it. I'll have to chill a couple down and see how it is tonight.
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