Tustin Brewing Co. - Ravioli of the day

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Tustin Brewing Co. - Ravioli of the day

Postby backyard brewer on Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:03 pm

TBC has a rather understated Ravioli on their menu listed as "ask server for selection of the day" and will usually have that selection on the board as you walk in but it's always just described as something like "mushroom ravioli" or "chicken ravioli" which has never really grabbed my attention.

So a few weeks ago I asked the waitress what kind of sauce was with the "Rosemary Chicken Ravioli" and she said it was a "hefe-sauce; like a white-wine sauce but made with hefe. It's a little bitter but good". Boy was it ever! Loaded with capers and very fresh, possibly lightly roasted tomatoes. It was more like a dressing than a sauce. It was indeed a little bitter but in a very good way.

So this last weekend they had "mushroom ravioli" and I was told it had a light cream sauce. Once again I was damn happy with my choice. Packed with what must have been at least 4 different types of mushrooms in what I would describe as cream of mushroom type sauce, I was 2 for 2.

Last night, we happened to go with the intention of just getting tacos for Taco Tuesday and I happened to see the " Cheese Ravioli" listed. This time she said it had a "light tequila sauce". This was just like the hefe-sauce, loaded with capers and ripe tomatoes but with the subtle flavor of tequila this time. Usually I'm not a fan of cheese-only raviolis but again, way happy with my choice.

So, 3 for 3 on the ravioli special at TBC, I figured I could recommend it!
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