Taps Fishhouse and Brewery, La Brea

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Taps Fishhouse and Brewery, La Brea

Postby dhempy on Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:57 pm

Had dinner and a couple of beers last night at Taps in La Brea. The wife took me on a "surprise date" for our anniversary. Originally she had arranged for a surprise tour with Victor but he had a last minute change in plans and was at another location.

So I started off with the Irish Red. I found this beer _VERY_ smooth, malt forward, and exceptionally well balanced. Even my wife liked this beer (and she doesn't drink beer). For dinner, I had the rib eye and Lisa ordered the Chilean Sea Bass. Both meals were outstanding as was the service. My second beer was the Vienna Country Lager. The addition of wheat to the grist gives this beer a very interesting flavor. Again, the beer was smooth and balanced, well carbonated, and served cold. And surprisingly, Lisa liked the Vienna better than the Irish Red ... I was dumbfounded. So now I've got to step it up and brew something akin to these beers and see if she becomes a convert!

We stayed overnight at the Bonaventure downtown. I strolled in the Bonaventure Brewing Company at lunchtime and sampled a couple of beers there ... nothing to write home about ... the food was good but not outstanding. The beers were the Blond and the Pale Ale ... neither of which was memorable.

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Re: Taps Fishhouse and Brewery, La Brea

Postby Oskaar on Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:14 am

You were right next door to my office! LOL I thought that room with the open window had a couple of people that looked familiar :twisted:
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