Gruit contemplations...

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Gruit contemplations...

Postby lexuschris on Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:49 pm


After much searching, I finally found myself 4oz of Marsh Rosemary at K:-) Sweet!!!

In addition, I had been contemplating moving to a new gruit idea, based upon Belgian brewing and herbs. I hadn't even begun any research on it, and viola .. this month's Zymurgy magazine has a Belgium Golden Gruit Ale recipe that took Runner-Up BOS in a small competition up north. Got lots of ideas running through my head now! (And thankfully, no wormwood in this one.. :twisted: )

In other gruit news, my yarrow plants here in the OC are flowering, and I've started to harvest them. Not sure if I'll have enough yield to get my 2 oz. though... we'll see. I've read that you can often get 2 harvests from yarrow.

I also saw some cool ideas for Lemon Balm in a sessionable american wheat... that sounds kinda tasty! Also, I read up on Avens, which has a clove-like flavor/aroma. Haven't found a source yet, but that sounds interesting too!

I'll be out of town for 2 weeks starting Monday, so hope everyone has some great brewing sessions in June!

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