Club Meeting for November

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Club Meeting for November

Postby Megastout on Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:51 am

Wanted to give you heads up on styles to be presented at the November meeting in case any would like to brew for comparison. Worked well last meeting when people brewed an American Blonde and an American Pale Ale.
November styles will be a Strong European Beer, 9A Dopplebock and The German Wheat Beer, 10C Weizenbock.
Although they are in different categories, they have many similarities.
Before we covered Weissbier and the Dunkles Weissbier. The Weizenbock completes the German Wheat Beer category 10.
Both are a little higher strength beers; the Dopplebock ranges from 7-10% and the Weizenbock ranges from 6.5-9% and both are very rich and malty. And, there are some great, delicious examples to taste.
Hope some of you can have the chance to brew.
See you in November!
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